Comment 14 for bug 345126

Nathan Hartley (treestryder) wrote :

Milan: I almost took the time to open a new bug. Unfortunately, after 27+ years of working with computers, I am starting to have fits of "I just want it to work!"

In this case, I had just done a fresh install of 10.04 and found all of the other quirks on my Dell C400 to have been fixed, but now there was this new hibernation issue. The research I did showed it was either the encrypted home folder or the size of the swap partition. I tried your suggestion to hibernate after starting but the option was not available. I looked up the command, pm-hibernate, and tried that... it went down for a second and came right back up. I then dug around in the countless logs to no avails. Needing to get my laptop running as soon as possible and having to leave the house in an hour, I decided just to reinstall with a 2 GB swap (overkill) and no encrypted home directory.

Everything works fine now.

Thanks for trying.