Comment 111 for bug 774089

Matteo M. (manlbox) wrote :


Hi all, David,
I own Macbook 6,1 and how I fixed the issue.

Download Firmware Update 1.7
MacBookPro5,5 the same hardware MacBook6,1, to extract MBP55_00AC_03B_LOCKED.scap.

mv MBP55_00AC_03B_LOCKED.scap MB61_00C8_B00_LOCKED.scap

sudo bless -mount / -firmware MB61_00C8_B00_LOCKED.scap --verbose

Shutdown and restart Mac update the firmware and restart automatically.

Attention consequences, the MacBook6,1 as new model identifier MacBookPro5,5 but works well, possible problems could rise with future firmware update.

Thanks for all, The Power of Community.