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Bug #1943859: The development package does not include static libraries Wishlist Triaged 41 weeks

From: Alfonso Sanchez-Beato
Link: debdiff.patch


Bug #750451: [te]Bugs in Telugu,Kannda rendering-regression on 11.04 beta1 High Incomplete 586 weeks

From: arjuna rao chavala
Link: pango1.0_1.28.4-0ubuntu2~ppa1.debdiff

Patch file fixes the bugs.

Bug #619914: Conjucts like <Ka><x><sha><halanth> rendered incorrectly in Telugu, Kannada Low Triaged 619 weeks

From: arjuna rao chavala
Link: pango1.0_1.28.0-0ubuntu3~ppa1.debdiff


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