Comment 3 for bug 805423

> We would like to have an option to run the cronjobs again.

Well, you could install a cronjob by hand, which is what you would need to do anyway (we're not going to ship a disabled cron job in the package). The harder part is making pam_motd not call run-parts itself in-line. You could achieve that by moving /etc/update-motd.d to a different location where pam_motd won't look for it but then you run the risk that any new package installs that add a new update-motd.d hook will reintroduce the problem (and, furthermore, clobber the work of your cronjob).

So I can see a case here after all for a 'noupdate' module option that disables the dynamic updating.

BTW, does check_by_ssh open a tty? I believe there's another outstanding bug about fixing pam_motd to do the update when the motd won't actually be displayed.