Comment 20 for bug 790538

Chris Siebenmann (cks) wrote :

@Marc: the previous libpam version (1.1.1-2ubuntu5 for 10.04 LTS)
doesn't seem to be available any more, or at least 'apt-get' can't
find it, which makes downgrading hard. We would have to roll all the
way back to 1.1.1-2ubuntu2 ... which is missing a root escalation CVE
(CVE-2010-0832, root priv escalation via symlink following). This is
not something we are in a position to do on multiuser systems.

(Nor is it in /var/cache/apt/archives on our machines.)

I am trying 'apt-get -u install "libpam-modules=1.1.1-2ubuntu5"'.
Possibly this is the wrong thing.