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Bug #2052382: [os-prober] microcode still in grub.cfg after first update-grub Undecided Confirmed 10 weeks

From: Alban Ponche
Link: Patch file

Bug #887836: update-grub does not create btrfs menuentry in grub.cfg High Triaged 35 weeks
Bug #1217933: update-grub fails to detect other md OS Undecided Confirmed 71 weeks
Bug #1926925: os-prober doesn't detect EFI boot partitions on mdraid devices in dual boot Undecided New 154 weeks
Bug #1819363: uefi: os-prober doesn't skip cdrom iso9660 type Undecided New 266 weeks
Bug #1737604: 30_os_prober: LINUXPROBED embedded spaces in kernel parameters generates false menuentry's Undecided Confirmed 331 weeks
Bug #1350012: os-prober does not detect Windows 8. Undecided Triaged 462 weeks
Bug #1261817: Grub2 does not setup existing linux operating systems correctly on PowerPC Undecided New 539 weeks
Bug #675223: Add detection of MeeGo to os-probes Wishlist Triaged 700 weeks
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