Comment 5 for bug 244250

Damian Yerrick (tepples) wrote :

Still seen on my 8.04 development workstation and my 10.10 laptop.

Based on Colin Watson's comment, I guess it should work like this:
1. Automatically restart services that depend on SSL, just as we do
   when the services' packages are upgraded.
2. Give a "logout recommended" notice (not a "reboot required" notice)
   to any user using a desktop environment that depends on SSL.
3. Give an "application restart recommended" notice to any user using
   an application that depends on SSL, much as we currently do after
   upgrading Firefox.

Logging out and back in is disruptive to the end user's work flow,
but at least doing so is less disruptive than restarting, especially
on a machine that takes a long time to POST and that is suspended
more often than shut down. I almost feel like reporting this as a
paper cut.