Comment 12 for bug 497781

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package openssh - 1:5.2p1-2ubuntu1

openssh (1:5.2p1-2ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * Resynchronise with Debian. Remaining changes:
    - Add support for registering ConsoleKit sessions on login.
    - Drop openssh-blacklist and openssh-blacklist-extra to Suggests; they
      take up a lot of CD space, and I suspect that rolling them out in
      security updates has covered most affected systems now.
    - Convert to Upstart. The init script is still here for the benefit of
      people running sshd in chroots.

openssh (1:5.2p1-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Backport from upstream:
    - After sshd receives a SIGHUP, ignore subsequent HUPs while sshd
      re-execs itself. Prevents two HUPs in quick succession from resulting
      in sshd dying (LP: #497781).
    - Output a debug if we can't open an existing keyfile (LP: #505301).
  * Use host compiler for ssh-askpass-gnome when cross-compiling.
  * Don't run tests when cross-compiling.
  * Drop change from 1:3.6.1p2-5 to disable cmsg_type check for file
    descriptor passing when running on Linux 2.0. The previous stable
    release of Debian dropped support for Linux 2.4, let alone 2.0, so this
    very likely has no remaining users depending on it.

  [ Kees Cook ]
  * Implement DebianBanner server configuration flag that can be set to "no"
    to allow sshd to run without the Debian-specific extra version in the
    initial protocol handshake (closes: #562048).
 -- Colin Watson <email address hidden> Sat, 16 Jan 2010 03:58:17 +0000