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Dustin Kirkland  (kirkland) wrote : Re: [Bug 362427] Re: Public key ssh auth doesn't work with my Encrypted Home Directory

Right, sorry, typed the wrong commands.

Here is an exact cut-and-paste. I left out a few details in the last
one, as it was merely pseudo code.

 $ /sbin/umount.ecryptfs_private
 $ cd $HOME
 $ chmod 700 .
 $ mkdir -m 700 .ssh
 $ chmod 500 .
 $ echo $YOUR_REAL_PUBLIC_KEY > .ssh/authorized_keys
 $ /sbin/mount.ecryptfs_private

Note that you should not have *any* other programs running between
those umount and mount commands, as all of your home directory will be
unreadable by those programs. If you're on a graphical desktop, log
out of all sessions and either ssh in, or login on the tty terminal.

I just tested the above commands and they work perfectly.