Comment 15 for bug 1668093

First I checked if the change that got into Debian matches mine that I prepared for SRU - they do.

I triggered a local autopkgtest of pre/post SRU upload locally and while that was running evaluated the history of these tests in Ubuntu and Debian.
It seems to fail in Debian just as much, while the former version was ok [1].
On Ubuntu the recent sync failed as well [2].

The output format of the regress test changed slightly, but the SRUs fail essentially at the same test that the last version does "didn't find find simple in hashed" (and similar).

In the meantime my local Tests completed - and of course - they worked (once I want to find a case that is easy to debug). I need to go deeper to see what is going on now.

But for now wanted to make clear that the Zesty sync is broken as well as outlined above.
As expected it is haning in z-p [3] at the moment with that error.