Comment 13 for bug 1668093

I did prepare in Bileto:

Associated autopkgtests ran fine:

Also the openssh tests of the QA Test suite ( ran fine in Xenial/Yakkety VMs.

And finally the test for the explicit issue we are fixing here was confirmed to be fixed on the Bileto PPAs.

Adding SRU Template now, but unfortunately (no core dev) I can't sponsor them myself, but the debdiff to do so can be picked from the tested Bileto ppas at:

Eventually for Sponsorsing the easiest might be via bileto itself, IIRC one with permissions could also just hit "publish" on the two tickets - that might be the easiest way:

The autopkgtest showed some issues I want to look into first, therefore (except if you know all these) do not sponsor yet. That also gives us time to have the fixed sync to appear in zesty.