Comment 8 for bug 103436

Hey Perry,

Perry E. Metzger [2017-03-20 13:11 -0400]:
> That bug report was a decade ago.

Yeah, I know :-)

> So far as I know, this is still an issue for your users, because sshd
> does not, on its own, change its network address when one changes
> networks. I would not remove this because if you remove it you're
> going to harm anyone who changes addresses frequently.

That's what I've thought, but it am puzzled that I cannot actually produce this
situation (when removing the script). That, and the fact that Fedora or SUSE
don't have this indicate that this was dealt with by something else in the

> However, I have not used Ubuntu in many years (this is 2017, the bug
> report was 2007) and I am no longer in a position to help you.

No worries, it was a long shot anyway. Thanks for your fast response!