Comment 3 for bug 1782031

Joy Latten (j-latten) wrote :

Testcases: The testcases included with the libopenscap8 source are disabled. It appears they do not all compile or run correctly, thus disabled. To test this I did the following:

1. oscap --v
Shows that SCE plugin has been enabled and also that the 2 systemd probes have
been enabled.
(See attachment)

2. Our SCAP content for those rules using SCE or systemdprobes now run and also pass.

Rule 1.1.21 uses the systemdunitdependency probe to check that autofs is disabled. This check now passes with the systemd probes enabled.

Title Disable Automounting
Rule xccdf_com.ubuntu.xenial.cis_rule_CIS-1.1.21
Result pass

Rule 6.2.9 uses a script to check that users own their home directory.
Title Ensure users own their home directories
Rule xccdf_com.ubuntu.xenial.cis_rule_CIS-6.2.9
Result pass