Comment 5 for bug 372670

Mike Kasick (mkasick) wrote :

I've looked into this issue as it was suggested to be possibly related to #271283, and I wanted to make sure that the fix I submitted didn't have additional side-effects.

I've looked at the posted screenshot, and to the best I can determine it appears that the tab glyphs _are_ antialiasted. If you zoom in, there's clearly whole-pixel blending happening on diagonals like "M" and "v". What's strange about this picture is that the vertical strokes are only one pixel wide with no edge blending. That alone isn't a problem--could easily happen on fully hinted fonts. It's bizarre though since the remaining glyphs in that dialog don't follow suit and do exhibit edge blending.

I can't tell exactly what's going on, but my best suspicion is that the inactive tabs are simply being displayed in a different font. Not sure why that's happening, could be a font misconfiguration issue as function of the font packages installed or a side effect of upgrading.

In any event, I booted the Jaunty Live CD with the stock configuration and took two screenshots, one as-is (lcddefault) and one with the patch from #271283 disabled (lcdlegacy). As best I can tell, everything appears appropriately in the stock configuration, with the inactive tabs rendering the same as other text, and the effects of applying the lcdfilter patch appear consistent with other applications.