Comment 17 for bug 267376

Well, Ubuntu is supposed to be very user friendly, any new user would not be able to install OO.o 3 on their own, it isn't just one .deb, you need to install like 20 .deb packages at once, needs to be done via the shell. Secondly, OO.o 3 seems to be very stable, if we put it into Intrepid there will be very few bugs, I haven't noticed any, we would be able to bug squash in two weeks. Thirdy, for those of you that say, well just upgrade the package from 2.4.1 to 3.0 a few weeks after Intrepid's release, thius will NOT happen, major version changes never happen in normal releases, that is why there was so much pressure to upgrade to FF 3 RC in Hardy, because FF 2 would't be supported long enough and no major version changes. The worst thing that can happen is a relatively small bug popping up for a few users after Intrepid is released, and an average upgrade could fix that easily.