Comment 13 for bug 267376

Also, you must realize that if Ubuntu truly wanted to, it would have included already.

Developers, you cannot complain that it is already past feature freeze, and that it's too late. Nonsense.

Let's say you did the same thing with GNOME. GNOME 2.24 released well after Intrepid's feature freeze. But did you not include it? Of course you included it! How? By providing GNOME 2.23, the DEVELOPMENT version of GNOME 2.24, and changing that to GNOME 2.24 after the feature freeze, falling back on the alibi that 2.24 was only a bug-fix release for 2.23.

The same situation with If you truly wanted, you could have provided 3.0 Beta, with 3.0 RC1, and so on. There, problems would have been found and solved. Exactly as you have done with GNOME.

I am aware GNOME is like the base, if not all of Ubuntu. But so is It is one of the major symbols of open-source. I do not want to see Ubuntu ship with an outdated version of a major application when it has updated all others. I know splits into various files in the Ubuntu repos. You can delay 8.10 for a few days if necessary. You might say "You say that because you want your features. But we're developers, and have to keep on our schedule." Come on, Ubuntu is the biggest Linux distro. The public forgave you when you delayed Alpha 1 for like a month, it'll forgive you again if you delay it for like a few days.