Comment 123 for bug 267376

I wanted to add that my father updated to - 1:3.0.0-6ubuntu0intrepid1 today on his kubuntu machine through Adept and is now stuck with the same crash document recovery loop as discussed here. Whether choosing to go with the "Untitled" document recovery or not results in a crash. It is there on the next start and the process continues.
I have tried to diagnose over the phone with him, removing the package results in openoffice working but the interface becomes difficult to use.
I had him try closing OOo with the OOo-kde integration removed so that it would close cleanly, then reinstall it and re-open it. It immediately starts with the document recovery even though it was closed cleanly.
Is there anyway to downgrade to 3.0.0-4/2 or whatever version was previous to -6 which is stuck in this crash loop ? Or are there any recommendations other than removing the kde integration? (His machine is amd64/kubuntu 8.10)