Comment 6 for bug 152273

Kay (noiq) wrote :

Confirmed for Xubuntu 7.10 amd64.
mpif90, mpicc, mpicxx, all do not work and strace shows the "${prefix}".
I can not confirm russian_knight's bug of mpirun, as it runs all right here after fixing the compilers.

halfflat's workaround worked fine for me. This way I could fix the 3 mpi* and I am sure this should work for other versions, too.
I had to try a bit to get it working, so here is a bit more detailed description of the workaround for those who are as unexperienced as me:

First of all it is important to use an editor that really just manipulates single bytes, as a hex editor does.
strace showed


but the file contains


I just had to change the first part and make it look like


Because the "${prefix}" takes 9 Bytes and "/usr" just 4 I had to overwrite the 5 following bytes after the "openmpi" with "00".
Thanks halfflat for that hint.