Comment 12 for bug 64501

Reinhard Tartler (siretart) wrote :

subscribing infinity. Here releavant irc snippets (from #ubuntu-devel)

22:02:56 < siretart> Mithrandir: the problem seems to be that the package only builds on ppc
22:03:09 < siretart> Mithrandir: and binary:all packages are built on i386 only in ubuntu
22:03:30 < Mithrandir> siretart: how is that something ubuntu-archive can change?
22:03:50 < siretart> Mithrandir: I'm seeking for input on how to solve this issue
22:04:02 < Mithrandir> siretart: fix CFLAGS to not include -mregnames?
22:04:32 < siretart> which breaks compilation
22:04:43 < Mithrandir> uh?
22:05:05 < siretart> it needs an ppc assembler
22:05:29 < siretart> cross compilation would be an option, but nobody is working on that. in debian, the problem doesn't exist
22:05:46 < siretart> since binary uploads are possible there
22:06:13 < Mithrandir> at least for now, yes. *shrug*; it needs to be fixed to cross-compile in Ubuntu or something then.
22:07:20 < siretart> err, we are talking about firmware, which qemu needs to boot emulated ppc systems
22:07:35 < siretart> requiring the firmware to be cross compiled seems a bit awkward to me :/
22:08:16 < siretart> hm. I could perhaps compile it on ppc, include it uuencoded, and just unpack it in the package
22:08:35 < siretart> but *that's* really nasty :/
22:09:10 < sistpoty> siretart: yep, that's nasty, but I guess it's the best option... have been doing this for mit-scheme
22:09:14 < Mithrandir> hm, indeed.
22:09:34 < Mithrandir> siretart: you could talk to Adam about it and see if he can do a manual build on a ppc box.
22:10:15 < siretart> Mithrandir: we could indeed upload ppc binaries to the archive?
22:10:33 < siretart> hm. okay, I'll subscribe him then