Comment 9 for bug 331065

On Wednesday 28 July 2010, you wrote:
> My fix (for Ubuntu 8.04 with postgres 8.3) was as follows, I know it
> cannot be the "right" solution but after playing with locales for too
> long (where did you change the locale?)
> change /opt/openerp-server/bin/service/web_services.py
> diff web_services.py.ORIG web_services.py
> 71c71,74
> < cr.execute("""CREATE DATABASE "%s" ENCODING 'unicode'
> TEMPLATE "template0" """ % name) ---
> > "template0" """ % name)

unicode is the only encoding that OpenERP can work with. The reason is that
all of OpenERP is using utf8 and thus requires full unicode support from the
Latin1 is thus bound to fail. Please never use it.

Initializing the postgres cluster with the correct encoding (for those old
versions that have cluster-wide encoding) is a matter of distro + postgres. We
can help you, but it certainly is not an OpenERP bug.