Comment 0 for bug 1838555

David A. Desrosiers (setuid) wrote :


This was discovered at a customer site and affects all of their Bionic installs that have Micron NVME drives.

The version of nvme-cli present in Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver (1.5-1) does not include support to manage updating the firmware on Micron NVME drives.

$ rmadison nvme-cli -a amd64
 nvme-cli | 1.5-1 | bionic/universe | amd64
 nvme-cli | 1.6-1 | cosmic/universe | amd64
 nvme-cli | 1.7-1 | disco/universe | amd64

Version 1.6-1 and later versions do include this support, and can be used by rebuilding the package from upstream source as a static binary... not ideal, but a workaround.

In lieu of pulling 1.7 from Disco back into Cosmic -> Bionic, can we cherry-pick this specific commit and backport it into 1.5 in Bionic?

Or, can we do a micro-release of 1.6 into Bionic?

[test case]

Install nvme-cli from Bionic, and attempt to update firmware for any Micron NVME drive, using a command similar to the below. It will fail, as the drive is not supported.

nvme micron select-download /dev/<nvme_device>n1 --fw ./Micron_9200_FW-101008S0.tar --select=ALL

[other info]

The specific commit that adds the needed support for these drives appears to be: