Comment 10 for bug 1778011

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Reviewing ubuntu-drivers-common in the queue, I notice:

+ if (!match) {
+ free(match);

Surely no good can come of this call to free() and it should be omitted?

The change to start before oem-config.service seems correct but has no associated bug linked. This looks to me like it should still go through the SRU verification process because it's unrelated to the other changes. (Also, it's not 100% obvious that the change is correct: for example, why does oem-config not provide display-manager.service? Why are there no interdependencies between oem-config's systemd units and display-manager.service?)

The source package as uploaded appears to have a lot of cruft in various __pycache__ directories. This ought to be cleaned up.

I'm going to go ahead and reject based on the missing bug reference for the oem-config.service change. If you think this is wrong, feel free to ping me on IRC to discuss.