Comment 102 for bug 741930

Ximo Duarte (ximo-duarte) wrote :

I have an old computer with a Nvidia GeForce2 MX200 graphic card, more than enough for the use I make of the computer.
It worked well with Maverick. After Natty upgrade I could not start X, as stated in the bug.
Following what was advised here, I activated natty-proposed repos and installed nvidia-96.
When launch nvidia-settings it says I don't have any Nvidia driver. And it also doesn't show in jockey (nothing new for you).
In terminal glxinfo gives an error, I believe I don't have any glx at all. I read in some post to set gl_conf to auto.
I don't know how to do that, need some clue.
Or would it be better to wait until it is given a final solution to this problem?