Comment 21 for bug 363672

Thomas Meixner (tom-meixner) wrote :

I have manually installed the nvidia drivers for 180.60 and my system is stable since. I upgraded recently to KDE 4.3 Beta 2 and tried at the same time 180.44 again which resulted in 2 crashes in one afternoon (pixelated screens etc ...)

I will keep testing this driver release from NVidia and report back since it has been only 1 day.

Is there any word on when and if the 180.60 Release will be available on Jaunty? I only found this release targeted for Karmic but not Jaunty:

 If it is a driver issue with stability issues on NVidia mobility cards which I'm pretty convinced now we have people with this configuration running into a problem atm. What can we do about it?

The 180.60 NVIDIA driver I'm using atm can be found under the link below. As a word of warning using the NVIDIA installer I messed up my system quite badly (installing several driver versions above each other) until I found this post on the nvidia forum which worked for me. If you are not comfortable in repairing your system from the command line (no X) just in case something goes wrong I would not recommend it:

general install howto on Nvidia forum:
driver download: