Comment 39 for bug 1768610

I've playing with this a bit more to get the fix for the currently affected users who already upgraded to bionic and removed nux-tools, but I don't think there's a solution which works if we keep this marked as a Conffile by dpkg.

In fact, using the various rm_conffile or just removing the file from a maintainer script in any other package, then if the user will try to reinstall unity (and then nux-tools), this config file won't be reinstalled, as it's still there according to dpkg.

If anyone know a solution in how we can manipulate the dpkg status from a maintainer script, that's the way, otherwise I've no other idea than going back to the solution I proposed in the last night's MPs of removing this conffile from nux-tools itself, storing it in /usr and then symlinking it (with new name) to /etc [1] as mentioned (although for other scenarios) in maintainers guide. So at that point any reinstall will just work, and no purge will affect it.

PS: other *ugly* option would be instead to make this other-package (mesa?) to replace in a maintainer script the content of this file with the fixed one, but really I don't want to go in that way.