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Bug #1779427: NTFS-3g does not support big sector and Windows 10 Undecided Confirmed 146 weeks

From: Magicloud Magiclouds
Link: ntfs-3g-mftmirr.patch


Bug #1734280: udisks unable to mount NTFS-formatted usb drive properly if block device is set to read only (blockdev --setro /dev/sd??) Undecided New 164 weeks

From: Jean-Pierre
Link: forced-ro.patch

Check whether the device was forced read-only

Bug #1516702: fstrim on 30 GB ntfs partition says 16 EiB (18446744073709551615 bytes) trimmed Undecided Confirmed 282 weeks

From: Jean-Pierre
Link: ioctl-fstrim.patch

Proposed patch

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