Comment 8 for bug 498911

Kanaida (latinocheech) wrote :

I get the same exact problem when I use remminas, connect to an rdp client or two. Leave them sit there overnight, sometimes a few days. Then your pc crashes out of disk space.

I see something similar to the following:

It filled up 860GB out of my 1TB drive. Nasty...

Not so great workaround to avoid a reboot if you can catch it in time:
open up a terminal:
tail -f .xsession-errors
if you see it start going insane with the error's that appear for you, close the app responsible
delete .xsession-errors
Log off
Log On

This is devastating on my work workstation, because some programs need to save things, and cannot. Then they won't even start up on next reboot, such as virtualbox. your xml config files get ruined. luckily I had my virtual hard drives on a separate physical drive.

Linux Mint 11