Comment 13 for bug 498911

On Fri, Nov 09, 2012 at 03:42:20PM -0000, Benjamin Tayehanpour wrote:
> Shouldn't this bug be broadened a bit? Allowing .xsession-errors to grow
> indefinitely without any kind of log rotation in place is a design flaw.
> The file should be rotated and old files compressed.

It doesn't work that way. This file is attached to the stdout/stderr of
your X session. Rotating the file doesn't change the fact that your entire
desktop has an open file descriptor to the old file and will continue
writing to it, even after deletion.

This could theoretically be solved by having stdout/stderr attached to a
pipe instead and running a service on the other end of that pipe that
handles logging and rotation; but it's still just Not Ok for software to be
spewing this level of noise to stderr, wherever it's going.