Comment 10 for bug 498911

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

> Suggestion #1 There should be a file size limit and once that's
> reached, it starts to overwrite.

> Suggestion #2 Implement the "This error repeats 147 more times" in the
> error log rather than logging each error.

Neither of these are practical solutions. The nature of .xsession-errors is that it captures the stdout and stderr output of programs *that have no knowledge of .xsession-errors*. I.e., this is a mechanism to make it possible to debug problems in programs run from the desktop without changing (and possibly without being *able* to change) the program you need to debug. A logging API that would support log rotation or elimination of duplicate messages is not a replacement for this.

If any program in the desktop is spewing errors to stderr/stdout fast enough to fill up your disk, that's a serious bug in that program. However, despite using nspluginwrapper extensively here, I've never seen the bug in question.

$ grep -i nsplugin ~/.xsession-errors