Comment 26 for bug 1697730

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

Adding some random thoughts on this. First I finally was able to change the AP configuration to not do IPv6RA. That solved the immediate problem. But it was not straight forward to do and what other cases of broken IPv6 setup there is in the wild.

One thing systemd-netword was doing wrong (imo) was to take a fe80:: link local address and put this into the list of DNS servers without a interface specifier (a %<iface name> appended to the ll address). That seems to be mandatory for link local addresses to be usable and maybe the bringup would have succeeded if that were present.

Generally wondering: would it make sense, that if the netplan yaml contained neither DHCP6 turned on, nor IPv6 addresses for an interface, to then add IPv6AcceptRA=no generally to the the generated config? If I read the systemd man page correctly that is the method of turning off IPv6 support.