Comment 22 for bug 1697730

Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

Started to bring up real HW with the same woes and timeout on boot. After some more cursing and faffing around I realized an odd element of the resulting setup:

There is some weird ipv6 link local address for DNS server: fe80::c66e:1fff:fe3b:bdcd. It is the same for the VM doing dhcp and for real HW where I manually set everything and that does *not* include any fancy ipv6 address. Matter of fact I cannot enter any ipv6 address in the nameservers address section without getting complaints about unexpected ':'s. But that is another story.

So does anybody have a clue were that comes from? It is not in the generated netplan files in /run/systemd/network but systemd-resolvd gets it (probably from /run/systemd/netif/links/*).