Comment 9 for bug 1179626

Please find the attached test log from the Ubuntu Server Team's CI infrastructure. As part of the verification process for this bug, the OpenStack components have been deployed and configured across multiple nodes using raring-proposed as an installation source. After successful bring-up and configuration of the cluster, a number of exercises and smoke tests have be invoked to ensure the updated package did not introduce any regressions. A number of test iterations were carried out to catch any possible transient errors.

These proposed packages were deployed and tested in several different configurations. Attached are tarballs with various test logs from each configuration. In addition to the base components, variables in deployments include:

raring_grizzly_nova-network: nova-network (FlatDHCP), glance (Ceph backend), cinder (Ceph backend)
raring_grizzly_quantum: quantum (OVS plugin), glance (Ceph backend), nova-volume (Ceph backend)

Please note the versions_tested.txt file in each tarball, which contains details about relevant package versions installed and tested.

For records of upstream test coverage of this update, please see the individual bug reports.

As per the provisional Micro Release Exception granted to this package by the Technical Board, we hope this contributes toward verification of this update.