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Bug #725435: notify-osd a memory hog (memory leak?) High Triaged 165 weeks

From: nh2
Link: Fix-FORCED_SHUTDOWN_THRESHOLD-leak-mitigation-being-skipped.patch

Patch fixing the shutdown limit being exceeded

Bug #617816: Critically Low Battery Notification not showing in Ubuntu 14.04 lts Undecided Confirmed 316 weeks

From: Vishwanath

It will give notification when the battery is low and you should run this .sh file in terminal.

Bug #556527: To whishlist. Add ability to change place of notify messages (top|bottom|center right/left) Undecided New 432 weeks

From: Philosoft
Link: notify-osd.patch


Bug #397808: The Notify-OSD log should save at least one copy Wishlist Triaged 563 weeks

From: John Ledbetter
Link: 397808.patch

attempt to backup log file prior to opening

Bug #724326: rename dbus service file to avoid conflicts Undecided New 563 weeks

From: Mark__T
Link: rename_dbus_service_file.bundle


Bug #331949: Bubble colors and translucency are not customizable (by user or gtkrc) Wishlist In Progress 574 weeks

From: Nicolas Delvaux
Link: osd.diff

Frugalware patch

Bug #334809: design problem? infinite wait for long queue Wishlist Confirmed 575 weeks

From: Jeremy Nickurak
Link: xchat-gnome-notify-osd-append-hint.diff


Bug #496129: Notification bubble is sometimes misplaced Undecided Confirmed 624 weeks

From: sn0re
Link: slot_allocation.diff


Bug #447152: Bubble placement assumes the top left screen coordinate is (0,0) Low In Progress 635 weeks

From: Kelly
Link: nonzero-screen-origin.patch


Bug #404026: notify-osd launch assumes GDM Low Triaged 639 weeks

From: Aurélien Gâteau
Link: notify-osd-kdm.diff


Bug #335383: Add ability to change notify-osd font size Wishlist In Progress 641 weeks

From: Steve Dodier-Lazaro
Link: 383_373.diff

Diff between trunk r373 and my branch

Bug #394432: Notify-osd & XFCE Low Triaged 641 weeks

From: Steve Dodier-Lazaro
Link: 383_373.diff

Diff between trunk r373 and my branch

Bug #365162: icon_size should be a configurable maximum image size (preferrably separate width and height) Wishlist Fix Committed 659 weeks

From: Jasper St. Pierre
Link: no-scaling.patch

A patch that removes the icon scaling and instead makes notify-osd use the full image size.

Bug #362200: fire at-spi events on notification body appends and replaces Medium Fix Committed 660 weeks

From: Eitan Isaacson
Link: description-changed.patch

Proposed fix.

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