Comment 35 for bug 390508

I'm really really really disappointed.
Sorry Mattew, but what the hell are you saying? "We think we can set more consistent and reliable durations for users automatically than diverse application developers ever could manually.". You're not supposed to do that, you should not do that, you don't even knot how to do that because you know nothing about the message semantic. You are telling us that you our own decision is much better than mine or the application one which knows the messages content? You know better than me in deciding what I want and what I need? Really? That's ridiculous...
These are really good reasons, while still waiting for reasoning from you (I'm ignoring the nonsense above, "consistent" means absolutely nothing here) about this bug (yes, it's a regression). Honestly, who cares about what you think it's best, people do care about properly working and useful software. People want good defaults, not stupid behaviours. That's indeed your job, not preventing people from doing fine their own job.
A little though: where is the innovation in Ubuntu? Is this all the innovation Ubuntu is supposed to provide, breaking things? How brilliant...
I think I will revert to debian testing, much more recent software and no blind developers.
Sorry for the hateful message, but I think you really deserve it.