Comment 28 for bug 390508

I totally agree with [wirespot] and IMO the notify-osd is totally broken by design.

I exclusively use Ubuntu both at home and at work and use the notification subsystem to automate my life. I like to get notified about results of software build and tests; when the backup is done; getting notified about special emails in a different way (duration, icon). tail on a log file, grepping and piping to the notify-send to create flexible notifications is very important to me.

The new notify-osd is trying to steel my time. If for example I get three similar notifications in 300ms cycle and wanted them to be shown for about 2 seconds and displayed one on top of each other (can do with notification-daemon), notify-osd shows them for 3 x 5 sec = 15 sec - an eternity for me and the overview is lost (notifications not shown at once).

So solved problem pragmatically for me

   sudo aptitude install notification-daemon
   sudo aptitude remove notify-osd

But my worry is, will the nofification-daemon still work in the Ubuntu versions after the Karmic? I would prefer the notify-osd being fixed.