Comment 268 for bug 390508

Nicholas Mati (tothenthpower) wrote :

So... after ~6.5 years; 267 posts; and several thousand lines of unhappy, frustrated, and/or annoyed feedback, my man page is still lying to me about -t actually doing something and the devs are now adding "you can use someone else's software or write your own" to justify their design decision. Did I miss something?

I was going to shake my head in disgust and quietly move to another notification daemon until I saw the last few posts discussing how many people are annoyed by this issue. I would like to add myself to the statistic of "very unhappy, but would normally not comment on this bug report."

Side note:
Since other operating systems were brought up in the last post, I would like to note that Windows 10 (and presumably Vista through 8.1) at least have a global configuration option for their notification timeout duration.