Comment 246 for bug 390508

Well, I am one more now affected by this BUG. Yes, it is a BUG that doesn't seem to be addressed (or people don't want to). Maybe somebody is forcing their hands and they have to come up with justifications, which from what I read are changing over time (just like the documentation ;)).

One of the old arguments was that this was an option for 'developers', not users. Guess what? I'm a user and, in the Skype options, I can (actually, I could, but this BUG prevents me from doing so) specify the timeout of the notifications. Well, I guess I can't now.

You might have changed the documentation, but "man notify-send" still mentions the (useless, i.e. BUGGY) "-t" option.

I'm really tired of the total disregard and condescension towards the community that Ubuntu takes. This BUG is really not that hard to solve, but you just don't *want* to, despite the many many users asking for it.

I am utterly disappointed. I can live with bugs, they just happen. What really gets to me is the attitude of Ubuntu towards its users.

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) your arguments are simply not good enough. You just keep jumping from place to place to justify the unwillingness of Ubuntu to solve this.

Let me conclude: this is a BUG.