Comment 19 for bug 390508

Smeuuh, I agree that configuration is not always a sign of doing something wrong. One good use of configurability is to cater for varied hardware or physical abilities; mouse and keyboard sensitivity is in this category. Another is to help people feel that the computer is personally theirs; enb gives background picture as a good example of this category. I don't see, though, that notification bubbles fall into either of those categories. However, all that is really off-topic for this bug report. For example, even if we concluded that a single time setting cannot reasonably cater for the population's variation in reading speed, we would most likely fix that with an overall "Slower <-> Faster" slider, which still would not involve obeying the timeout parameter, which is what this bug report is about.

Adrian Roman, please report a bug that the IR remote doesn't trigger the standard volume notifications, if it's not reported already.

enb, your subsequent notifications should specify that they are supposed to replace the earlier one if it is still being displayed. Supporting replacement would be a reasonable enhancement request for notify-send.

wirespot: volume, brightness, and eject bubbles are instant confirmation (synchronous) of something you have done, whereas notification bubbles are not-necessarily-instant notifications (asynchronous) of something someone else has done. That the two things are presented in almost the same way is a visual design choice (and perhaps they should be displayed more differently than they are). Can you give an example of your "very short piece of text with an explanatory custom icon"?