Comment 16 for bug 390508

"if we offered a configuration screen for something as boring as notification bubbles, we would have done something terribly wrong in the design."

IMHO, this is completely inaccurate. I can understand not having a config utility by default, or not even making a gui config utility for it, but at least leave some functionality for the people who need them. Things like placement and timeouts should be standard for something like this. I also don't consider something meant to relay data on screen to the user "boring". By following your line of reasoning, you could call desktop backgrounds boring (what do they do for the user, after all?) and say that they also shouldn't be configurable. Or perhaps some of the features in compiz such as desktop switch time are boring and shouldn't be configurable.

"Notify OSD does not implement timeouts at all, so it is not disabling them, and it is not "not disabling" them either."

Doesn't the gnome messaging system for which the notify-send binary was written for respect timeouts? It seems like some functionality was lost in the transition. This is bad.

"In Karmic, bubbles with short messages automatically stay up for a shorter time than long messages."

It is still not short enough. I don't need 10 seconds of notify time for something that only has a word or two. There also seems to be some queuing going on when it really shouldn't be. Example: I am using notify for feedback on some custom media player controls, such as toggling shuffle. If I toggle it 3 times in a second or two, I get a message that stays up for just over 10 seconds that says shuffle on, then right after that disappears, another says shuffle off and stays up for another ten, and so on. That's over 30 seconds total. Is the queuing by design?