Comment 11 for bug 390508

I understand that the intent is to create a set of default that all applications would use. However, there are a few parameters which users should be able to modify. The notification expiration time is one of them, and so is the fact that fullscreen apps should or should not be interrupted by non-critical notifications. Some of us are perfectly content with watching movies and being interrupted by a friend asking something on IM.

If it isn't possible to set it in the API, why not provide a configuration menu ? Either by a osd-notification-properties app, or by simple text/gconf/xml/whatever configuration. It could also contain a setting for the position of notifications, or font size ... I understand that certain core decisions (for example, not stashing notifications) are not subject to modifications, but for simple parameters ...

Some users (including me) would like to use osd-notify, but are prevented by rigid design decision. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have strong defaults, just that users should be able to modify them when needed. I'm not trying to start a flamewar here.