Comment 11 for bug 367069

J Jones (johnjones) wrote :

So I ran the debug command and then barely moved the volume knob to increase the volume. The notification popped up and immediately ran away to max volume. I did CTRL-C to kill the process, but it immediately restarted and went right back to 100% CPU with the notification box flashing. However after about 20 seconds, the notification went away and notify-osd went back to sleep.

So I tried it again. Ran the debug command and nudged the volume knob. Same result except this time, after CTRL-C, the notify-osd process never went back to sleep. I had to reboot with the power button.

The log file attached below is from the second run.

Some other observations about the behavior when it is "locked up." It's not completely locked up and the mouse seems to work, but the keyboard and the panels don't work. I don't know if that's important, but there it is.