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David Barth (dbarth) wrote :


The behavior implemented as of 0.9.8 is to attach the notification to the panel, next to the status indicators. It seemed to be the most familiar and consistent default position for notifications.

If the panel spans the two screens, then notifications are displayed on the monitor on the right, along with other system indicators. If the panel is only on one screen, because you have then arranged on top of each other, then you will see the notifications on the top screen. If however, the panel is located at the bottom of one or both of your screens, then notifications will still be displayed at the top of the screen, and on the top right of the workarea.

If you are using a language that displays in right-to-left order, then the notifications should appear on the right corner as well.

Considering that multihead support is generally a setup for advanced users, we've also added a gconf key to enable a smarter mode. To enable it, you need to set "/apps/notify-osd/multihead_mode" to "focus-follow".

In this mode, the notifications will be displayed on the screen that contains the active window, and if none exists (if ever that can happen), then it will be displayed on the monitor that contains the mouse pointer.

Note that we only support multihead with RANDR, ie with a single X screen spanning multiple monitors, ie what most people use nowadays. Of course, we'll try to had support for multiple X screens soon, and also welcome patches for that.