Comment 14 for bug 331019

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 06:30:33PM -0000, Mat Tomaszewski wrote:
> Alexander, I strongly disagree - once we make one exception to "You cannot interact with notification bubbles" rule it will cause a whole bunch of other exceptions to follow, and the whole concept of non-intrusive notifications will be completely dissolved.
> It is a tough compromise, but I feel it's the right way to go. Time and life will tell :)

you replied here on my line "general rule: be as strict as necessary,
but be as polite as possible"

Which i posted because mirco set this bug to invalid.

Anyway, now you stated that you agree that displaying plain text
(read: being polite) is the right thing here, I now wonder why you
strongly disagreed :).

Anyway, good that we agree ...

 - Alexander