Comment 11 for bug 246322

Mark Brown wrote:
> It's not quite that simple - people use NIS on computers which move
> between networks, such as laptops, and run multiple NIS domains on the
> same network (which means that any DHCP configuration will only apply to
> some systems). This makes it difficult to tell if the configuration on
> the network applies to the current system.

Dhpc can send options to the client depending upon its mac address,
its subnet, etc. Configuring multiple nis domains via dhcp would be

About hibernate and moving your laptop from one network to another:
These special cases were never considered for either dhcp nor nis,
when these services were specified. I would suggest to start with
the "regular" operations for nis and dhcp, and to look at hibernate
support later.

Keep it simple. It is still Unix.

> Like I say, enabling DHCP support on systems where it was not previously
> enabled is not going to happen: the systems already work so any risk of
> breaking them is unacceptable, which means that this can't be enabled
> for upgrades. As I have said, it may be OK to default this on for new
> installs but never for old installs.

Agreed. I thought you were talking about (version) upgrades in general.
A one-time confirmation dialog is surely OK.

> Something which overwrites the configuration unconditionally wouldn't be
> good enough - this would prevent use of any manual configuration and
> would doubtless lead to users having their configuration destroyed.

Sure. Looking for some line like

 # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE, or remove this line.

should work.