Comment 17 for bug 1262710

Seth Arnold (seth-arnold) wrote :

Strictly speaking, my role in the MIR is to provide an assessment of what the security team believes is supportable for five years.

Maintaining a language's runtime support environment for five years is no small undertaking. Lua 5.1 support is in a rough place -- it's already two years "obsolete", as it were, and it feels like a gamble to see if the libluajit community is in a position to keep their fork of the language vibrant and supported for the long term.

I'd be content to remove the lua-5.1 Build-depends: requirement and stop building the module, as Robie's patch does. nginx-lua can live in a PPA.

If someone were willing to file a MIR (and become a bug subscriber) for libluajit-5.1, we could consider moving that to main, but the nginx-lua module would still remain in universe.