Comment 16 for bug 1262710

Thomas Ward (teward) wrote :

Lua module's upstream people have suggested either static-link against Lua 5.1, which still doesn't solve this problem, or to use libluajit-5.1-dev (2.0.2+) as the dependency.

This *does* build with libluajit-5.1-dev. However, that is still in Universe as well, and would need Main inclusion in order for this to work.

The alternative is to do what sarnold, rbasak, and I had initially considered before the MIR went through security review: drop the Lua module from the package, and build without it, in addition to the changes we'll need to do for the MIR of creating an nginx-core package, which I already have a debdiff available for.

Seth, in your opinion, how should we proceed on this?