Comment 13 for bug 1262710

Seth Arnold (seth-arnold) wrote :

Sarah, thanks for the reminder; I had my one remaining outstanding question answered to my satisfaction: -- in short, I hadn't realized X509_NAME_oneline() would escape the ascii NUL character when converting from ASN.1 to a C-representable string.

We're currently stuck because the Debian-derived packaging includes an out-of-tree module that builds against lua-5.1. It cannot compile against lua-5.2 (the lua-5.2 changes are drastically not backwards compatible with lua-5.1), but lua-5.2 is the lua package that is going to be supported in Ubuntu trusty tahr.

If it were up to me alone, I'd disable the lua module. Lua 5.2 has been out for over two years and if this module hasn't updated yet, there's no reason for me to suspect they will update before we need to release 14.04.