Comment 33 for bug 879334

Karsten Suehring (suehring) wrote :

I did some testing with a newer kernel on Debian a while ago. The 3.x series seemed to have higher load indeed, but as far as I could test, it did not kill the server. If you have multiple clients to the server it would be a good test to start several writes (like dd from /dev/random) over NFS and see if the server can handle that. It did not many writes to completely kill my server on 12.04.

It would be good news to hear that just by upgrading to newer kernel versions in later releases this issue would be resolved even without Ubuntu proactively working on a fix. But it will still remain an issue in the "Long term support" release 12.04.

My bottom line here is that Ubuntu is apparently caring more about mobile phones now than servers which is especially unfortunate after many people finally talked Dell into more support for Ubuntu. I did not even get a reply from the Ubuntu sales department (except for an automatic reply which promised to do so within two days) when we offered to pay for resolving the issue...