Comment 17 for bug 794112

I installed the kernel build posted by Chris in #15, logged in as an LDAP user with KRB5 auth and a kerberised nfs4 home directory, then left the machine unattended for >24 hours. Under these conditions the X session would be locked up when I returned to the machine and the nfs mount inaccessable (if switching to a virtual console and logging in as a local user).

This kernel seems to have mostly fixed things. This time I left the machine running with two terminals open, one showing the output of klist, so I could see when the ticket expired, the other running 'watch date'. I found the x session frozen a few seconds after the ticket expired. However, switching to a virtual console, I could log in as a local user and still access the nfs mount fine. There appeared to be now errors in the syslog (either now or around the time the ticket expired). Then still at the virtual console, I ssh'ed into this same box but as the ldap user, and logged in fine. When I then switched back to the X session it had unfrozen, although both terminal windows were gone and replaced with an error message telling me it had crashed. I'm not sure what caused the hung X session (or if it's still related to this bug), but the NFS mount seems to be handling ticket expiration better now. I should also mention that this machine does have machine credentials in Kerberos as well.