Comment 18 for bug 1312976

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package nfs-utils - 1:1.2.8-9ubuntu3

nfs-utils (1:1.2.8-9ubuntu3) vivid; urgency=medium

  * Add 00git-start-statd-systemd.patch: Latest start-statd script from
    1.3.2 to start rpc-statd.service under systemd.
  * Add 23-systemd-pipefs_in_run.patch: systemd: Mount rpc_pipefs in /run instead of
    /var/lib/nfs/, like in the upstart units.
  * Add 24-systemd-daemon-paths.patch: Adjust program paths in systemd units.
  * debian/nfs-kernel-server.links: Add nfs-kernel-server.service alias
    symlink, to match SysV init script.
  * Add 25-systemd-server-before-client.patch: Order NFS server before client,
    to make mounting NFS shares from localhost work reliably.
  * Add debian/ Translate our /etc/default files into runtime
    configuration for nfs-config.service.
  * debian/nfs-{common,kernel-server}.install: Install systemd units.
  * debian/rules: Enable/start systemd units. (LP: #1312976)
 -- Martin Pitt <email address hidden> Thu, 05 Mar 2015 07:46:41 +0100